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It's all about the photos that stand out to you. 
The ones that linger in your mind and takes you right back to that specific moment that the the photo was taken. 

I asked the couples we’ve photographed to write about the one photo from their wedding day that reminds them of what really matters. Which singular photograph has transformed from an image of something into the very memory of something? This is a collection of those images as chosen by the couples as well as their words about why they consider it the one. 

Many of the photos these couples selected are not images we would have blogged, Instagrammed, or even put in our portfolio, but these are the photos that humble me as a photographer and remind me of why I do what I do. The stories behind them, what the photos mean to them now, and why they chose it, started me down the journey of shifting how I photograph use my camera for my clients.


It is not about building a portfolio, It’s about seeing the important moments of our couples and capturing them as they happen.
It isn't to build an instagram following, it's to build a tangible memory for my couples to hold and cherish.


Having the people I photograph choose the photos that embody their love, their day, or the feeling they had at their wedding truly shows me what moments people value most and how to look for them when I am behind the camera. After reading the impact these particular photos made on my clients, these photographs mean more to me than any other photographs I have taken.



"It was hard to pick, but I chose this one because we're surrounded by friends and family and so much love, and in all that's happening, Nathan and I are smiling and looking at each other. The wedding was a chance to celebrate our love with the people we love the most, including each other. I hope that man looks at me like that for the rest of my life.

When we set out to find a photographer all those months ago, we poured over recommendations, nitpicking portfolios. Everyone was good, but who was going to be great? Who was going to capture the love and joy and not just the bride and groom? Who was going to preserve our perfect day in a way we wanted to remember it? Every single time we asked one of these questions, we answered with Cassie. And let me tell you, she exceeded every expectation.  And every time I look at any of our pictures, the complete bliss I felt on our wedding night takes over. And that's exactly what we wanted."



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