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It's all about the photos that stand out to you. 
The ones that linger in your mind and takes you right back to that specific moment that the the photo was taken. 
The ones that can capture a whole day or feeling.
The meaningful ones.


I asked the couples I have photographed to write about the one photo from their wedding day that reminds them of what really matters. Which singular photograph tells their story.
This is a collection of those images as chosen by the couples, as well as their words about why they consider it the one. 

Many of the photos these couples selected are not images that I would have picked out myself, but these are the photos that humble me as a photographer and remind me why I do what I do.
Their feelings they portray and the stories behind them started me down the journey of shifting how I use our camera for my clients.

It is not about building a portfolio, It’s about seeing the important moments of my couples and capturing them as they happen.
It isn't to build an instagram following, it's to build a tangible memory for my couples to hold and cherish.

Having the people I photograph choose the photos that embody their love, their day, or the feeling they had at their wedding truly shows me what moments people value most and how to look for them when I am behind the camera. 
After reading the impact these particular photos made on my clients, these photographs mean more to me than any other photographs I have taken.



"It was hard to pick, but I chose this one because we're surrounded by friends and family and so much love, and in all that's happening, Nathan and I are smiling and looking at each other. Our wedding was a chance to celebrate our love with the people we love the most, including each other. I hope that man looks at me like that for the rest of my life.

When we set out to find a photographer all those months ago, we poured over recommendations, nitpicking portfolios. Everyone was good, but who was going to be great? Who was going to capture the love and joy and not just the bride and groom? Who was going to preserve our perfect day in a way we wanted to remember it? Every single time we asked one of these questions, we answered with Cassie. And let me tell you, she exceeded every expectation.  And every time I look at any of our pictures, the complete bliss I felt on our wedding night takes over. And that's exactly what we wanted."

-Melanie Stamper
Memphis, TN



"Life threw us a curve ball the day before our wedding, and I mean that almost literally due to the baseball-sized growth that was found in Erick's father. He was admitted to the med, wedding plans changed, and... life just happened. Plan B was a small intimate ceremony in my parent's living room. The lighting was poor, the space was cramped, and you can only do so much to make a bright red room look elegant in the nick of time, but Cassie Cook was unfazed by the sudden changes. Her keen eye for detail and heart-felt moments did not disappoint. She even came all the way to the hospital with us to capture our first dance with my in-laws! Aside from phenomenal photos, her comfort and ease with my family added to the joy of her presence.
We couldn't have hoped for a better wedding photographer and life-long friend <3"

-Moriah Loya
Memphis, TN




Some of our favorite photos are the ones where Amelia snuck away from the girls' room and joined the boys across the hall. It's pretty overwhelming to get your hair and makeup done when that's not really your thing, and sitting around drinking whiskey with the boys, in a much more relaxed setting really helped center Amelia prior to getting dressed and going downstairs. We love this photo in particular because of the looks on our faces—seeing each other, even if we were shirking tradition by seeing each other before the first look or before the ceremony, was like a breath of fresh air. 

We loved having Cassie as our photographer. Our wedding was during the hottest weekend of the summer, but Cassie wasn’t dissuaded and was so good natured throughout the whole wedding. But Cassie didn't just feel like a photographer, she felt like a friend. When Amelia realized she wanted to get out of her heels, Cassie tracked down and then helped Amelia into a pair of Chaco’s. Cassie was helpful, supportive, charming, and professional—we couldn’t have gotten through the day without her."

-Amelia & Ian
Memphis, TN




"I LOVE this picture because at this point, we were able to finally relax and enjoy ourselves a little! I had just changed into a more comfy dress and mentally and physically just felt 100% and the excitement of just getting married was so real! This picture shows the fun we were finally able to experience and silliness in ourselves!

Cassie was the most amazing photographer I've ever had the pleasure of working with! Seriously, she wasn't just a wedding photographer she was a friend! She knew how to bring us to our comfort zone to be able to capture all the amazing pictures that she did! It was so hard choosing one photo from our wedding because they were all literally so amazing! It's been three months and I still have people telling me how my pictures look like they need to be in a magazine! I know Cassie is mainly photographs weddings, but I've already said, for future references (maternity, newborn, and family) pictures, she will be who we use! She's amazing!!!! & let's not forget about how fast she got me my pictures back! I wasn't even back from my honeymoon when I saw a sneak peak and flipped out! So thankful for having such an amazing photographer! She was a God sent!"

-Jentri Sneed
Taylor, MS


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