Wedding Photographer and Family Photographer specializing in documentary and lifestyle photography | AVAILABLE FOR TRAVEL


and he's really really rad.


He's a Memphis Grizzles fan, full of endless dad jokes, my favorite road trip companion, the best dog-dad ever, and my best friend.

I found my business expanding and growing past what I could handle on my own. I was having to turn down weddings because I was already booked and it broke my heart to turn away couples and to never get the chance to be a part of their day.
Michael was already photographing weddings by my side, but I knew his potential was far past just assisting me and being a "second shooter" for weddings with me, and that simply shooting all of our weddings together was limiting us and keeping us from taking that next leap that we were ready for.
I am overwhelmed with giddiness and gratitude that I have found a person that is as passionate about this job as I am to share this journey with.
So I'm happy to say, I'm adding this lovable, talented human to my team! 
*cue the confetti and fireworks, pop the champagne, and shake your boootay*

He is so beyond talented and has been behind the camera for over 10 years honing in on his skill, and is now expanding into education and marketing consulting for our fellow photographers! I wouldn't be where I am today without his brilliant mind, his love and support, and his constant readiness to brainstorm with me and take the necessary steps to further our growth.

So, here's how it works:
When I receive an inquiry for Michael, or for a date I'm already booked, If he is available, I connect the two of you! 
His shooting style is VERY similar to mine, and I couldn't trust anyone else to document someone's day as well as he will.
I am as much of a part of your meetings with him and engagement sessions as I possibly can! Mainly because I want you to know I am not passing you off on someone else. You still mean the world to me as our couples!

After he photographs your engagement and wedding, I do all the editing to ensure that the photos you receive are consistent with the style and brand that you loved enough to reach out to us in the first place! 

We may not be the conventional 'husband and wife' photography team, and the way we choose to do things may be a tad different, but this is what works best for us and where we see ourselves long term. I can't imagine doing this thing with anyone else in the world, and I am so ready to see what this next leap has in store for us! 


Feel free to contact me if you would like to see a full gallery of his, or with any questions you may have!